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Uniform Information


Students commence the year in summer uniform. As the weather is very unpredictable, students will need to have purchased the College jumper and tracksuit in conjunction with the summer uniform requirement. The College blazer and other winter uniform items do not need to be purchased until the winter season approaches. It is important to note that students require predominantly white or black sport shoes as part of the sports uniform. 


  • College skirt (to be worn to the knee) OR College pants

  • College short-sleeve over-blouse with logo

  • Burgundy College V-neck (may be worn in summer)

  • Black tights

  • Black College blazer

  • Black leather low heel, lace up shoes (which must be polished). Black canvas shoes are not acceptable


  • As Junior Girls

  • Senior College Skirt OR College Pants

  • Senior over-blouse


  • College shirt (with top button done up)

  • College tie

  • College grey trousers (with plain black leather belt)

  • Burgundy College V-neck jumper (may be worn in summer)

  • Black College blazer

  • Grey or black socks

  • Black leather low heel lace up shoes (which must be polished). Black canvas shoes are not acceptable


  • As Junior Boys

  • Senior College tie (worn all year)


  • Black canvas shoes are not acceptable

  • Sport jacket is only to be worn on a Thursday

  • No undershirts should be visible

  • Only the College cap to be worn to, at and from the College

  • The College scarf, or another plain black or maroon scarf, may be worn in winter

  • All items of uniform should be clearly labelled

  • Yr 12 leavers jersey is only to be worn as part of sport uniform on a Thursday

In the event that the College sports uniform is temporarily unavailable (ie. due to damage or washing) the school uniform is to be worn and MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENTAL NOTE.

Sports / PDHPE Uniforms are to be CLEARLY LABELLED with the student’s name to avoid loss. At all times the sports uniform is to be worn correctly. The College Tracksuit pants must be worn with the ankle zippers closed.

In the event of cold weather, students are permitted to wear a white t-shirt underneath their College sports shirt. No skivvies or other coloured t-shirts are to be worn with the sports uniform.

When a student fails to bring the required uniform to a practical lesson, a note will be recorded in the student’s diary. Repeated infringements will result in an afternoon detention.

Girls may wear one pair of small, gold or silver sleeper or stud earrings, in the ear lobes. No other jewellery to be worn. The College policy is that boys do not wear jewellery. Clear/plastic spacers are not permitted. Jewellery that is confiscated will be normally returned at the end of term.



Hair is to be the student’s natural hair colour:



  • No shorter than a #1 (i.e. no fades or #0s)

  • Differences in length must occur gradually and blend in (no undercuts, steps, lines, extremes of fashion or excessive use of styling products)

  • Length must be above the collar

  • Fringe must be above the eyeline

  • Boys must be clean shaven at all times. Boys are not to have sideburns longer than the middle of the ear opening

  • The grooming policy prohibits the presence of eyebrow slits



  • Longer hair must be tied back with a plain maroon, black or white hair tie for safety and hygiene reasons

  • No nail polish, acrylic nails, eyelash extensions or make-up to be worn

  • The grooming policy prohibits the presence of eyebrow slits


Note - Not all scenarios can be listed. In all of these matters, the Principal’s discretion is final.



The official College school bag is the only bag to be used. College school bags are available from Lowes Liverpool.


Lowes serves as the official supplier of Good Samaritan Catholic College's uniforms. Families can conveniently access uniform supplies seven days a week during regular retail hours. Online orders can also be placed via the Lowes website with the added convenience of home delivery. Our dedicated Lowes outlet for the College is situated at Westfield Liverpool.

Address: Westfield Liverpool - Macquarie Street, Liverpool 2170

Website: Click Here

Phone: 02 9824 2310

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