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Contact Information

General Contact Information

02 9825 9955  

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 444,
Hoxton Park NSW
Australia 2171 

Electronic Mail:

College Location

401 Hoxton Park Road,
Hinchinbrook NSW 2168


College Leadership Team


Mr. James Corcoran

Assistant Principal
Mr. Adrian Vannan

Religious Education Coordinator

Mr. Matthew Bradbury

Leader of Learning - Pedagogy

Mr. Darrin Munro

Leader of Learning - Curriculum

Mrs. Luigina Martin

Leader of Learning - Wellbeing

Mr. Dominic Wilson*

Leader of Learning -

Knowledge Management & Innovation

Mr. Jason Reyes

Leader of Learning -

General Coordinator

Ms. Jesica Khawaja


Head of St Joseph Trades Skills Centre

Mr. Andrew Sip


College Coordinators

English Coordinator

Ms. Lisa Bavaro

Mathematics Coordinator

Ms. Sarah Cornale


Science Coordinator

Mrs. Sofia Wheeler

Human Society & its Environment Coordinator
Mrs. Sarina Cancino


Technology & Applied Sciences Coordinator
Ms. Sharon McInerney


Personal Development, Health &

Physical Education Coordinator

Ms. Natalie Herrera*


Creative & Performing Arts Coordinator

Mrs. Enza Doran


Diverse Learning Coordinator

Ms. Joyce Tablie

Sport Coordinator

Mr. Mark Newman

Youth Ministry Coordinator

Mr. Luke Chircop


Pathways Planner

Ms. Jessica Randal

Year Coordinators

Year 7 / De Paul Coordinator

Mr. Shady Sweilem*

(Assistant: Mr. Ric Cancino*)

Year 8 / Chisholm Coordinator

Mrs. Mary Sayadi

(Assistant: Mr. Peter Jewo*)

Year 9 / Merici Coordinator

Mr. Anthony Di Lucchio*

(Assistant: Ms. Michelle Ibrahim*)

Year 10 / Polding Coordinator

Mr. Blake Rigney

(Assistant: Ms. Nicole Rechlin)

Year 11 / MacKillop Coordinator

Mr. Jon Butcher

(Assistant: Ms. Julia Backhouse)

Year 12 / La Salle Coordinator
Ms. Sarah Rigney

(Assistant: Ms. Niveen Yousif*)

* Acting Capacity in 2023

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